Image designed by Derek Heng

5 reasons why I said I do to Hyper Island

Goat. Burrito. Pillow. Hologram. Train. We’ve seen some people choo choo choose to marry really bizarre things.

That’s why I figured that saying “I do” to a postgraduate degree during the Covid-19 outbreak wasn’t the weirdest thing to do, and took the plunge.

For anyone out there who’s having cold feet about going back to school, or worried that you might be walking down the aisle with the wrong one, here are 5 reasons why I chose to commit to Hyper Island’s Master of Arts in Digital Management.

  1. I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my career
    Not gonna lie. Some days, work feels like a huge pulsating pimple. But quitting my job as a copywriter was never an option, though there are times I just want to pop. I knew I needed something flexible enough to accommodate my busy schedule. So, with only 4 on-campus days per month, this part-time program is the perfect match.
  2. I’d become a lot richer
    Money isn’t the most important thing to me; I’m not a gold digger. But I’ve always believed that knowledge is wealth. Modules like Design Thinking, Digital Technologies, Exploring Innovation and Future Mapping, are incredibly relevant to what I do, and would allow me to have a richer professional life.
  3. Threesomes and foursomes aren’t taboo
    As a creative and former teacher, I know how important group work is — even if you and your teammates end up screaming bloody murder at each other. Innovation is hardly the result of solo geniuses, so I like that Hyper Island focuses on collaboration vs. individual effort.
  4. “You’ve changed” would never be a bad thing
    This phrase has always had negative connotations. But if reinventing myself is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I knew I needed a school that would help me become an adaptive leader and agent of change. After all, what this pandemic has taught us is that we must pivot in order to survive.
  5. Exes have great things to say
    Though most reviews I read were positive, I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t want to tie the knot with rose-colored glasses on. So, I did what any normal person would do — talk to exes. I asked my Creative Director, Uma Rudd Chia, former colleague, Fred Ho, and Hyper Island’s Masters Program Director, Peachy Pacquing, how the experience was for them. Everyone said something different, but it was clear they were all still in the honeymoon phase, years later.

Finding the right graduate school is a lot like finding the one. You want a partner that aligns with your beliefs, is supportive of your goals, and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I hope these 5 reasons why I’ve chosen Hyper Island, to have and to hold, helps you in making your own decision.